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Anne's homemade body butter is the bomb!


Your body butter is by far the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. It cleared up my dry skin in a few days. I used it as conditioner on my hair yesterday and my hair dried so soft and shiny.It was wonderful and smells so good.


Light as air but creamy like buttah. It’s like clouds...Wonderful glide on the skin and I use it before I put on my Yoga Toes too and they slide on so easily. 


Loving my body butter and have been spreading the Radical Self Love with my loved ones.


I’m finally getting around to texting you let you know how fabulous your body butter is. OMG! It’s part of my evening ritual. I’ve been using it on my face too. But it smells so good I want to eat it.


Strong work on the body butter. It’s replaced a couple of other daily products. Quite fantastic for skin and facial hair. I use it after shower and before bed daily. It’s a winner in my book!


Your body butter, which I’m using on my face, is incredible.


Oh hells yes honey. That beautiful sh_t is lovin’ on my skin as we speak. It’s gorgeous.


I received my lavender rose.  It is amazingly wonderful!  I'm using it on clients and people love it.  Thank you so much.  I'll be ordering more soon ~

Much love and warmth! 


Thank you Anne! These body butters are amazing! I'm sending some to my friends to spread the love!


It is wonderful! It's the only thing that gives me relief from my dry, itchy back.


The most luxurious cream ever. It's much better than those store bought (and expensive) creams - I lovvve mine.

My skin is drinking in every delicious ounce of your body's crazy good. The texture and smell and feel. Luxury. I feel like where has it been all my life??? A whole different kind of miracle whip. Completely totally madly obsessed. Everything is in balance.



I've been using it non-stop ever since I got it. It's DIVINE. My skin is like buttah!!



The butter smells amazing! It's wonderful- I love the lightness of it.



I tasted it. Shhhh!!! It was really good… I just couldn’t resist, it smelled so yummy. LOL



This is amazing stuff!! In spite of MUCH hand washing and dry AZ air, my hands feel great! No cracking or dryness at all! You NEED this!!


Hello Anne!!

I am EXTREMELY pale, with reddish skin. I find that every girl I meet with my complexion has the same problem. We get skin so dry on the backs of our arms that we get little 'dry skin bumps,' and the skin is always ruddy and blotchy. It's SO hard to find a body moisturizer that helps. In the winter I resort to just straight Vaseline, which can sometimes ruin my clothes. 

Well. Your body butter has my arms the smoothest they've ever been, in both look and feel!! Honestly! Plus it absorbs quickly and my clothes don't stick to me. I'm thrilled! 

I'll be ordering a jar and singing praises from the mountain tops (or Facebook)! Thank you so much, I can't tell you how this has actually changed things for me. I hope you're having a wonderful new year so far and I hope to talk to you again soon! 




Hi Anne,

I received your delicious Shea cream this week!! Firstly, it smells absolutely divine and feels amazing. Secondly, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! It's so cold and dry here in Toronto, Canada, so it's a welcome addition to my skin routine. I'd love to order more and share with my friends.

Xo Dione


Sorry to have taken so long to respond but I got your wonderful Butter on Friday and love it.  It smells so good I want to put it on a slice of bread! The texture is so smooth and it melts in your hand and thusly goes on so smooth and evenly. Right on Girl!  So multi- talented you are. Thanks so much.



Good morning Anne! I received my sample yesterday and used it this morning. What a light, lovely scent! Its like buttah on my skin, love it! I plan to order as soon as I can. 



Not too heavy but perfect...My face is as soft as a baby's ass this morning.




I received the Radical Self Love and it's wonderful. Thanks for sharing and providing this product..



I love your body butter. It's amazing. I used it on my hands after a lot of hand washing and sanitizer and they were so dry. Girl that whipped texture makes it so easy to spread and it melts wonderfully that way. I was a little unsure about the fragrance at first but now I just love it- it's clean and...and I don't know how to describe it. It feels healthy. It smells healthy. The BB is all about the healing moisture and I love that! There's something more to this product... something almost spiritual!...I forgot to mention how my hands felt afterwards . They were so velvety soft and it was almost shocking how my skin reacted. I'm a product junkie- high end product-... your BB is kinda otherworldly



Thank you for the wonderfully luscious body butter!! My husband is a huge fan of anything lotion related. He has confiscated the tin and made it his own.



This is gonna look fabulous across my tits!


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