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Welcome back to all of you radical body butter fans who I've had the great pleasure of connecting with. To those of you who are here for the first time, welcome to my artisan whipped body butter experience. 



I lovingly hand craft each batch in my kitchen, using the highest quality organic, sustainably sourced, vegan ingredients. I created my recipe with the intention of making a product that I would fall in love with every single time I used it, and I absolutely succeeded. The texture is light, yet deeply hydrating, and the scent profiles are all delicious due to the high quality of my ingredients, and a little goes a long way. But don’t let the ‘body butter’ moniker limit your options when it comes to spreading it on- I use it on my face, hands, and scalp and hair as well. It is an incredible ally for me in combating the cold dry months in Chicago. And it is part of my daily self care ritual.


I know how deeply personal our body care products and rituals are. And my hope is that if my creation becomes a part of yours, that you will feel the loving intention I put into every single jar.


May the love that we give ourselves reflect outwards to the world, expanding in beautiful ways.


I’m a Chicago-based fiddle player and singer-songwriter. My primary genres are Blues/American Roots, but I trained classically growing up. How crazy is it that a professional fiddle player would start making body butter?? Here is my story.


Music is where my soul lives, but I’m an artist and creator on many levels; I’m a mom, gardener, and baker of sourdough to name just a few things. And for years I’ve been making my own special blends of skincare products for the fun of it, in the hopes of creating something that would deeply hydrate my very dry skin, especially during Chicago’s unforgiving winters. 


My journey towards developing a product I love parallels my personal journey towards Radical Self Love. As without, so within. It’s been a non-linear, unplanned path of twists and turns, full of setbacks, failures, rejection, mistakes and missteps, successes, magic, surprises, incredible support, and improbable hope. And in the end I discovered that I already had in my possession all of the ingredients that went into this recipe. I just had to think outside of my self-created box and blend them together in a whole new way.


As an artist my capacity for joy is intrinsically tied to my ability to share it with those around me. Because when the ‘me' becomes ‘we’ something beautiful always unfolds. So I hope you dig this as much as I do. Most of all I hope that on your own journey towards radical self love you discover that all along you’ve had everything you need in your possession to grow and expand in amazing ways.


Peace and Light,


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